Worked in 12+ countries for 100+ clients on 200+ projects with 130+ products and 70+ strategies at Locations in 3 continents within 3 years with 1 vision; Dominix

Design Process
The merge

We bet, you would have never seen such an approach

The Creatives

Ideation | Mindmapping | Brain Storming | Wild ideas | Conceptualization | Representation

The Researchers

Primary Research | Secondary Research | Context Mapping | Field Research | Analysis | Inference | Tabulation

The Amalgam

Debating | Decision | Point Concept Inference | Concept Generation | Client Revision | Detailing ROI Analysis Technical Details | Manufacturing | Viability | Process Definition

Thoughtfully Currated

Design Services

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Key People

Founder, Creative Director

Dhruva Paknikar

Dhruva believes "Evolution happens, revolution must be designed." Previously worked under the tutelage of Emmanuel Cairo (Paris), Karim Rashid (New York), Phillippe Lo Presti (London); where he worked with clients like Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Ikea, NC Nordic, Shiffa, Materia, Maiori in the disciplines of Industrial, Lifestyle, Packaging and Graphic Design. Dhruva is now responsible for all the creative outcomes of Dominix

Director, Research

Pankaj Jadhav

Pankaj is a hardcore researcher and believes that any design is at its best when it has a perfect functioning. Pankaj has handled various User Experience User Interface design clientele. He is responsible for research in the company.

Head, Douglas Office (United Kingdom)

Nik Gallagher

Nick is a champion salesperson. Having design at his heart, his skills portray 3d design and marketing. Nik handles the Isle of Man office and its operations.

Head, Engineering-Manufacturing

Tushar Sangale

Tushar is an ace communicator. A mechanical engineer at heart, he is the one who digs down to the roots to solve problems.


The Domi Fami

The Recognition

Enormously Appreciated Work

PROJECT name Client Year
.01 Consumer design Diamond 2018
.02 UI-UX design Truso 2018
.03 Brand strategy Orthocrafts 2017
.04 Industrial design Suyash Solutions 2017
.05 Installation design AgniSolar 2016
.06 Packaging design Leela’s Kitchen 2016
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