The video here will elaborately explain you the concept of ‘Cubos’.

Atara Fragrances

Dominix is the strategic design partner of ‘Atara Fragrances’ which is an Indian perfume brand. The key product of this company is “Ittar” which is a very ancient roll on type perfume in the form of essential oils. As a strategic design partner Dominix provide them all the creative services right from generating the brand name, identity, brand language, brand collaterals, product packaging to strategically placing their products in the market with some innovative and appealing advertisement designs. The brand speaks through its identity. The identity has been designed in the language of traditional patterns considering the presence of Ittars from very ancient time. The packaging colours perfectly define the flavors of the perfumes. The design has helped the client in redefining the ‘Ittars’ in the perfume industry.

University of Pune

University of Pune which has earned the nickname "Oxford of the east" is well known for its 411 acre huge beautiful campus. The objective was to design a way finding system and signage boards for the campus which has many confusing roads. After going through different surveys and case studies a system has been designed in which the campus is divided into zones and junctions which perfectly guides a person to find his destination. Use of Colour codes, numbering and symbols has simplified the process of reading the map. The campus is covered with large number of age old trees. Thus signage boards have been designed in tree shapes which directly resemble with the road directions. This way finding design marked a good impression on National University Inspection 2017 (NAAC) and inspired many other universities in India to follow this system.