Mancus : Building Design

Mancus Project Consultants is Dubai based company who provide high quality Building Services and Engineering solutions to developers, architects, corporate and industrial institutes.

Dominix designed a commercial building for them. The design not only connects but communicates with the nature around. Environmental friendliness and basic natural phenomenon play key role here. The vertical plantations on the walls convert them into breathing walls. Direct sunlight evaporates the moisture on the plantation generating a cooling effect on the wall surfaces helping it in maintaining a pleasant ambience inside the structure. The dynamic form of the building adds to its aesthetic taking it into futuristic design direction

Gaikaiwaris' House

In this project Dominix designed various spaces in the house such as lobby, terrace, living room, guest room and master bedroom. The designs were created in a very contemporary style. Here simplicity, subtleness, sophistication, texture and clean lines help to define contemporary style decorating. The design is such that the Interiors showcase space rather than things. The use of natural light in the day and indirect lighting at night and its interaction with the space creates aesthetically pleasing environment in the house.

Couture Purva Godbole

It was about designing a commercial space in which Dominix designed the fashion design studio of the designer brand “Couture Purva Godbole”. The challenge here was to design the small space (250sq.ft.) in a very elegant way as it should reflect characteristic of its own design output. More use of white and gold(brand colours) along with some pastel shades made the store look very graceful and bigger. Modular yet simple furniture with subtle finishes enhanced its look without hurdling the movement around.

Interior : NCL Director's Bungalow

This interior project was challenging one. The site was a sixty years old house abounded with trees. All the furniture has been designed elegantly in organic language inspiring from the natural surroundings of the house. Prominent use of white colour reflects the light entering into house making spaces appear larger and green borders match with the beautiful foliage view from windows. This clean and subtle design enhanced the interior look with a touch of simplicity.