Leelas Kitchen

This Isle of man, UK based company is into food industry which manufacture and distribute Indian spices and food products in UK. Dominix is their packaging design consultants. These simple and subtle packages have created remarkable identity of these products in food industry. Recently the ‘Onion Bhaji Mix’ package won the “Q Award” for best food packaging in ‘Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards 2016’.

Domestic Water Purifier

This package of “Domestic Water Purifier” has been designed for Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Center (M.K.C.L.). They developed this water filter with patented technology in collaboration with Bhabha Atomic Research Center(B.A.R.C.). Both the companies are entities of the Government of India and are renowned for their research and development work in various sectors.

The package has been designed considering the product’s placement mostly in the rural areas of India as briefed by the client. The graphic on the package implies the purity of the water till the last drop and assure user about the product quality. Inside it contains the dismantled water filter with all the parts arranged in systematic yet compact manner. One can easily assemble this economic and affordable filter by referring the user manual inside.


Zefnour is the company which manufactures pure natural and organic products such as honey, muesli and many more. They are committed to being a trustworthy brand by providing genuine true wellness products. Dominix is the design partner of Zefnour and we have designed the company logo, identity, brand language, brand collaterals, product logos, website, online presentations, product packaging for them. The identity reflects the purity of these natural products produced by the brand through its font, colours and the leaf which represents the nature. The packages for all their products have purposefully designed with simple finishes mostly on natural and handmade materials reflecting the pure and organic products inside.