Industrial Slitting Machine

Designed for PGI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., veterans in label printing industry, the objective was designing enclosure for an industrial product called slitting machine which is used for label roll cutting. This consists of multiple openings which are designed in such way that will help user in easy loading, unloading of rolls and for arranging the label pathway. This design has been inspired from the automobile industry having curves and dynamic shapes which makes it more stylish and attractive. This machine marked a good impact on customer in 'Labelexpo 2016- Delhi'.

Industrial Marking Machine

Designed for Stamp It Robotic Solution Pvt. Ltd., veterans in marking machine industry it was about designing marking machine case for introducing it in western countries. This dynamic design has been inspired from the very famous car "Shelby Cobra". The stylish design with very ergonomic shape makes it a easy for handling perfect for marking.

Carbon Silicon Analyzer

Carbon Silicon analyzer is the patented product of Suyash Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a big name in foundry industry in India which is used in calculating the Carbon and Silicon content in molten metal. Foundry industry has always been a prosaic field in case of design. Functioning of the product has always been the only agenda in it. Introducing design in this industry was the real challenge.

This organic design has totally changed the language of this product range introducing beauty to this industry. It’s not only about styling but also about working, perfect placements of electronic components, switches, testing probes and displays makes it a simple and an easy handling device for the workers in foundry.