The product is very practical and useful in day to day life. In simple words, it is the robot which cleans big water tanks. The problem statement was, one needs to empty whole water tank and then has to clean it manually. There are many problems in this process such as wastage of water, lot of human interference, keeping the water supply of the system off for one full day etc. This robot eliminates all these problems. You just put the robot in the tank and it does its job, right from cleaning the walls to purifying the water inside. Perfect placements of motors, wheels and scrubbers makes it easy moving and efficient in cleaning. Its dynamic outer form makes it standout in the crowd.

AgniSolar Hub

Designed for Agnisolar Systems Pvt. Ltd. Pioneers of Solar energy sector in India, the concept is very practical and useful in public sector. These charging stations are the installations to be placed in public areas under which people can sit and charge their cellphones using solar energy. ‘Agnitree’ is a contemporary design inspired from the tree shape and ‘Agnihelix’ tends towards futuristic design. The solar panels placed in perfect angle to utilize maximum solar energy are connected to the batteries inside sitting area very seamlessly which makes it a clean and subtle design though having a huge size. Considering its application in public areas the battery and solar panel compartments have made theft proof but still can easily be accessed for servicing. This installation enhances the beauty of public places with its design, having a good utility too.

Diamond : Digital BP Machine

The most famous and largest Blood-Pressure machine manufacturers of India, having a legacy of more than 60 years; wanted us to redesign their long standing products. The brief was to mix the contemporary design styles with the traditional ‘PUNERI’ touch for their NEW ERA products. The design is an amalgam of the company legacy and modern age thought process. A beautifully curated, mass-produced result.