Freelings is a Pune-India based startup who make the fruitsicles (a frozen dessert made from, or sweetened with, fruit or fruit juice). Dominix designed their identity and brand language. The identity directly reflects the product through the fruits and poppy colours in it. This identity and brand language churns out the tasty and mouthwatering treats they are offering.

EcoAgro Services

ECO AGRO SERVICES markets high quality equipment & products from international brand leaders in the agriculture sector offering solutions to improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce production cost of the crops. While rebranding their identity the main challenge was creating the identity in the global design language as their products are from the international brands and yet keeping some Indian touch in it as they are marketed to the farmers in rural India. The minimal design of the logo with flat colours representing sun, water and crops which are the main aspects of the agriculture sector marked good impact on their customers showing drastic increase in their product sale. The identity has been carried forward in all their brand collaterals, marketing collaterals and the packages which improved their recall value in the market.

Sapience Tech Systems

Sapience Tech systems Pvt. Ltd. is into software and training services in technical field. They are business solutions partners of Siemens and have big clients such as Airbus and Mazzak. It was about creating their identity and brand language. The logo shows connection between two dots through ā€˜Sā€™ enclosed in a circle of trust which directly reflects the way and quality of service they provide. Also the color of the logo gives a consistent and unique approach to the brand in the market. This new identity made a good impact which resulted as remarkable growth in their business.