Dominix is this potpourri of specialists across different communications, design and engineering disciplines, all working together to give our clients the ultimate service.

All Inclusive

Different ideas need different services in their respective disciplines. Dominix is this potpourri of specialists across different communications, design and engineering disciplines, all working together to give our clients the ultimate service.

Right from ideating a product, making an interface, creating an experience design to an entire system design, we provide solutions across all disciplines aiming to shape your idea exactly the way you want. As a result of an inter-disciplinary amalgam, a unique, value added design is produced.

Product Design

The process of product designing is one of the most exciting aspects of our portfolio. From idea generation to commercialization, sets of strategic and tactical activities are utilized to create any given product. Combining art, science, and technology in a systematic and synchronized approach, we conceptualize and evaluate ideas, turning them into tangible inventions and products. It is a beautiful amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality.

Medical Design

The healthcare industry has always been a challenging area for designers. Keeping the balance between ergonomics, aesthetics and precession along with required functionality leads to a perfect healthcare device. At Dominix, we enjoy the challenge and strive to design well-researched products that would be a natural fit for the users.

Branding and brand management

Branding has always been a matter of attention for companies with an understanding of the possible advantages of a strong identity. Branding can be defined as the personality of an organization that interacts with their customers in order to form lasting relationships. An effective branding strategy gives you a major edge in the increasingly competitive markets. We, at Dominix are well honed in creating unique brand identities that echo the character and values of the organization, giving it a high brand recall value in the market.

Interior and spatial design

Interior and spatial design is studying the relation and interaction between people and their surroundings and designing ways to improve those. Our job is to make the users feel elegant and graceful in their daily life through their environment.

Packaging design

The packaging acts as a gateway to the product. Consumers look at the packaging and respond to how it makes them feel at that moment. If the consumer feels that the product can potentially satisfy their needs, it influences their buying behavior. A good packaging is not only consumer centric, but it also reflects the thought behind the product inside it along with its quality.

Strategic design

Providing a complete resilient solution is what strategic design aims at. Approaching a problem or an idea systematically and holistically and building a strategy along with parallel visual representation of the result is what takes the product and service to further perfection. This can be applied in any field- be it a product, brand, service or system to engage it at a higher level of competency.

Installation & exhibition designs

Installation and exhibition design is a creative and commercial service that combines several different areas of expertise together in the design and construction of retail spaces. The primary purpose of retail space is to stock and sell a well-thought out product to consumers. In this, a thematic experience is created for the consumer by combining installations and spatial cues to entertain as well as entice the consumer to interact with the space.

User interface

Designing professional user interfaces of a website or an application is the labour of love of some wonderfully creative graphic artists along with a whole lot of design thinking. User interface is an important part of the whole system that balances visual elements with functionality. The key to a good interface is in how well it connects the user to the design.

About us

"The world of design is boundless. We pick the perfect stars and connect them to make beautiful constellations."

Design holds a radical potential to not only create brands and products, but to create phenomenal experiences. A simple and elegant design can fundamentally transform our lives. Being a Strategic Design firm, we have a homogeneous combination of various disciplines catering for your needs of tomorrow.

What we do

We deliver end-to-end solutions and support for cradle-to-cradle designs. We have the expertise in all design related fields, which helps us understand the core values, propositions and problems and achieve a greater and broader solution. We also have collaborations across various service providers and manufacturers dealing with a variety of materials.

Hence, we take the whole responsibility to deliver final, finished and state of the art solutions. This includes us sourcing and supervising manufacturing and quality control of the laterals, delivered to your doorstep.


Insights on some of our works.


Design, Photography


Design, Photography

Exotic Munches

Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography

Leela's Kitchen

Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography

NCL Homes

Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography


Design, Photography

Tanvee B parl

Design, Photography


Design, Photography

Uni Pune

Design, Photography

The Mixture called DOMINIX.

Dhruva Paknikar

Founder, Creative Director

Dhruva belives "Evolution happens, revolution must be designed." Previously worked under the tutelage of Emmanuel Cairo (Paris) and Karim Rashid (New York), Dhruva is now responsible for all the creative outcomes of Dominix.

Pankaj Jadhav

Co-founder- Technical Director

Pankaj is a hardcore researcher and believes that any design is at its best when it has a perfect functioning. Pankaj handles all the pre and post design operations at Dominix.

Anushree Kulkarni

Graphic Design Head

Anushree is the person when it comes to creating tangible-intangible identities and brand languages. She knows inside out about the realization of the graphics in the industry

Nik Gallagher

Head, Douglas Office (United Kingdom)

Nick is a champion salesperson. Having design at his heart, his skills portray 3d design and marketting. Nik handles the Isle of Man office and its operations.

Vinayak Shinde

Design Engineer

Vinayak believes in hardwork and precesion that reflects in the work he does. He often cracks amazing jokes which ensures the mitigation of the mood at the studio.

Tushar Sangale

Design Engineer

Tushar is an ace communicator. A mechanical engineer at heart, he is the one who digs down to the roots to slove problems.

Gayatri Thakar

Designer, Architect

Gayatri is a silent killer. She focuses on objects, brands and spaces and give new dimensions to the entire thought process. She's a good doodler and painter as well!

Vyom Paknikar

Junior Designer

Vyom is trhe man who gets things done. Having an inborn sense of style and understanding of process, he grasps and delivers before time. He is the commander in cheif of softwares at Dominix.

Sanika Diwanji

Content Writer

Sanika is the Mozart of words. Her writing is a composed artpiece. Her love for animals and fitness is extraordinary.

Shubhang Hasabnis


Shubhang is a creative writer and an ace researcher at the firm. A techno savvy guy and a passionate coder as well, he is incharge of the research going in many fields.

Shivanee Hasabnis

Material Scientist

Seriously, a scientist! Shivanee is a master in physics and knows applications of materials. Used in design of tangible products, material science comes in handy.

Pranav Jadhav

Administration, Accounts

Pranav is the guy who handles the essential part, the balances of the business. A geek who enjoys to the fullest in whatever he does.

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